The following landscape-complex, completed over the last years, is based on a study of natural surface structures. Firstly, I create patterns on loose sheets through a purely manual application of paint, without use of photographic techniques or reproductions, usually without tools - only finger work and sense of touch.   Afterwards, these structures, which are similar to those found in nature (see also: patterns), are mounted on wooden panels.The interfaces between the structural fragments guarantee the belonging to the whole: the landscape as "terrain", 

While in single PICTURES the composition with patterns of organic and technical origin suggest constructive as well as dystopian tensions.This working method is a "bricolage".



Central perspective is thereby replaced by a fluid perspective of signification

The presentation is based on coherent relationships that are revealed as the viewer moves past the individual images installed in the space. The documentation of this interactive effect can only be approximated in photographs. The viewer can enter the environment at any point. Individual pieces can be exchanged without changing the overall impression of the landscape.


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